Mökki Star Forest Avenue

Forest Avenue likes to push back its borders. The innovative Wevelgem-based company has been known for 12 years for its panels for garden fences and protective walls with natural wattles of hazel or willow branches. Far from resting on its laurels, however, the company has continued to conduct research into a longer useful life for natural materials and ever greater ease of use. As a result, Forest avenue has developed a synthetic replacement product called Fiber, a perfectly natural looking ?imitation branch? which nonetheless has other qualities: a longer useful life, superior properties and the possibility of wattling with different structures, colours and measurements. To publicise this revolutionary product among the general public, the company recently joined forces with BHOOM.

Photo_1 Mkki (Forest Avenue)
Photo_2 Mkki (Forest Avenue)
Photo_3 Mkki (Forest Avenue)
Photo_4 Mkki (Forest Avenue)