Elements Star Manutti

Enticing forms and alluring architecture are the core concepts of Elements. The design depicts an ultra-modular outdoor seating island with endless arrangement options. Moveable back positions and accessories such as a footrest and occasional table sliding in a slot, make this concept a haven of rest and relaxation. A slender strip of LED lights allows Elements to hover. A combination of subdued colours and durable materials gives it a certain prestige. Elements is an expression of contemporary seating comfort.

Photo_1 Elements (Manutti)
Photo_2 Elements (Manutti)
Photo_3 Elements (Manutti)
Photo_4 Elements (Manutti)
Photo_5 Elements (Manutti)
Photo_6 Elements (Manutti)
Photo_7 Elements (Manutti)
Photo_8 Elements (Manutti)