Wevelgem Star Residential

Office Havicus group & private.
A project supported by old and new materials hovers between resilience and refinement. It is precisely this that makes the project so exciting and unexpected. The interior is out of the ordinary, cannot simply be taken in at a glance, but challenges the eye, creates a mental space and gives more than sublime satisfaction. Today and tomorrow

Photo_1 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_2 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_3 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_4 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_5 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_6 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_7 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_8 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_9 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_10 Wevelgem (Residential)
Photo_11 Wevelgem (Residential)